Sunday Reflections…….by, Michael Hawke

Word For The Day: Psalm 62:2 “Truly my soul waits upon God: from Him comes my salvation”. Proverbs 2:6 ” For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge.

Birthday Resolutions: Today is my birthday…I always set out on this day to read the bible through again, start to finish in 365 days. I did not complete last years pledge but did read my way forward. Now, a new birthday, I begin over again. I am committed to complete the reading by July 2, 2018.

Read Through the Psalms and Proverbs Every Month: There is no downside from doing this, none, nada, zip!  Here is how to do it so easy, just so easy to do!

There are 31, 30, or 28 days each month of the year. There are 31 proverbs each easily read in five minutes. Read the proverb for that particular day, for example July 2, you read Proverbs 2.

The Psalms can be completed the same way only you will read three or four Psalms a day since there are 150 Psalms. Some are short, some are long and some are in between. This can be done in twenty minutes or less each day. This being July 2 you read the 2nd Psalm, then add 30 and read the 32nd Psalm add 30 again and read the 62nd Psalm, then the 92nd, then the 122nd.

So following this technique you have read Proverbs 2, and Psalms 2,32,62,92, and 122 for a total of five Psalms and one Proverb. Prayer and meditation will happen as the Lord inspires and you are open to it. Enjoy!

Understanding and Fear: Life is understood looking back but it is lived looking ahead. Always do what you are afraid to do!

Be Anxious for Nothing: ” Be anxious for nothing but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise…think upon these things.  Philippians 4:6-8

So what do you muse about, think about, wrestle with in your mind and heart? Well Paul tells us these are the things we should be directing our thoughts toward. The good not the bad, the beautiful, not the ugly, the honest, not the lies.









“The Plan” ……, Unknown Author

“The Plan”

In the beginning was the Plan.                                                                                                                                                    And then came the Assumptions;                                                                                                     And the Assumptions were without form,                                                                                                                                                     And the Plan was completely without substance;

And darkness was on the faces of the workers;                                                                                                                                            And they spoke unto their Group Heads, saying;                                                                                                                                               “The Plan is a crock of dung and it stinks”.

And the Group Heads went unto their Section Heads and said;                                                                                                                                                            “It is a pail of dung and none may abide the odor thereof”.

And the Section Heads went unto their Managers and said unto them;                                                                                                                                                                “It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such than none here may abide by it”.

And the Managers went unto their Director and said to her;                                                                                                                                                        “It is a vessel of fertilizer and none may abide by it’s strength”.

And the Director went unto the Executive Director and said;                                                                                                                                                        “It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong”.

And the Executive Director went unto the Vice President and said unto him;                                                                                                                                                          “It promotes growth and is very powerful”.

And the Vice President went unto the President and said to her;                                                                                                                                                        “This powerful new Plan will actively promote growth and efficiency of the department and this area in particular”.

And the President looked upon the Plan and saw that it was good;                                        And the Plan became…..Policy!



The Daily Mix…….by, Michael Hawke

The Death of the Press:  Right Before our eyes we watch the media’s death roll from a self inflicted suicidal shot to the heart. The printed press, internet search pages, radio, and television news all have managed to kill their own profession in just a few short years.  No one believes the media any longer.  Sorry to say but we now are in a place where there is no honest source of factual information. The birth of the internet brought such hope for being able to find information and truth and it has devolved into a place where confusion and lies reign. What a shame.

Gone Fishing: This is what Special Counsel Mueller has done. He, and his growing legal team of former Clinton and Democrat supporters, are “fishing”. They are fishing at great tax payer expense looking for a crime, or even an inkling of an inkling of a crime in the Trump and Republican camps. The fact our former FBI Director Jim Comey admitted to leaking should scare every single American. The FBI is not dealing honest, and some have known this to be true for quite awhile.

There should be no tolerance for leaking in our FBI yet Comey explained his leak as if it were no big deal. The Director of the FBI! Read the Sybil Edmonds Story…”Classified Woman”. She was a former FBI whistle blower who got creamed by the FBI. It is a story worth reading. Could it be there is a reason all of the politicians were kissing Comey’s rear end when he testified?  Mr. Mueller if you are looking for a crime maybe you should start lookingl inside your own organization first.

Trump’s Agenda: The President seems unflappable by all of the obstructionists working to do him, and his policies, in before they can get even be implemented. He continues to daily present his ideas and policy plans to the American people, keeps us informed (and I must say entertained) by his tweets, and displays a common sense approach not seen since Ronald Reagan was in The White House. The media, the democrats, and yes, even some in his own party, who seek to “obstruct”  will be in for a surprise at the ballot box next time they are up for re-election.

It would be wise for these lazy obstructionists to remember Americans spoke loudly when they elected President Trump….”cut the crap”….”get to work”, and “take care of business”. If Trump is foiled due to all of these investigations and obstructionist actions there will be a cost come election time for these loafers….no matter the fake polls, fake news, and fake leaks assuring they will be re-elected! They would do wise to remember Hillary’s big error…she started believing all the polls, stories, and leaks they were creating.

Hypocrites of the Worst Sort: The worst kind of hypocrite is the one who lies to kids. All the left screams loud at any type of prejudice, bullying, or hate speech in the schools. Kids are taught in lower grades about showing respect and not judging others no matter their sexual preference, race, creed, or color. All good things for young people to learn and practice.

The problem here is what do the kids see their parents watching on the television?  Saturday Night Live….which is all about bullying, slandering, and hating. What do they see from the so called comedians? Well, not a lot of humor, but a whole lot of hate. Look at Kathy Griffith and the mock beheading of President Trump, Bill Maher and his open arrogant lies, and so many more. So, kids, all I can say is when you grow up you too can start bullying, hating, and telling lies about others just like the media and the famous entertainers do….but until then we want you to act like decent human beings.

Speaking of Comedy: I am old enough to remember watching “real comedy” on TV. The Johnny Carson Show, The Honeymooner’s, The Red Skelton Show, The Lucy Show and later the Lucile Ball Show, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and so many more, really made people laugh. You can look back on these shows and you will not find them seeking laughs by hating on others. If hate, rudeness, and crudeness were used they always painted those displaying these traits in a negative way. Times have changed…..for the worse.

Comedian Jim Carey recently stood by Kathy Griffith in her “beheading hate skit” of the President. Jim Carey you made us all laugh, and laugh a lot. I hope you can continue to be a source of enjoyment and fun for those of us who love watching you. Please note that the audience knows the difference between a true comic and a wanna be. I hope you can resist the urge to use hate and lies to get a laugh….you are too good for that.

Oh, and please do not think I need you to show me political truth in the world. You are a comedian, comedians are supposed to entertain and make us laugh. That is what you do, and do so well.  However, if you choose to be a political manipulator instead of a comedian then you lost me Jim.




An Open Letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller…….by, Michael Hawke

Dear Mr. Mueller,

I am requesting you do your duty with honor and integrity in this investigation. I read your biography and like you I too am a veteran. I retired from active duty after 29 plus years. I am also a disabled veteran. I know you know what it means to follow a code of high moral values. I know you did that in your Vietnam service to our country and I suspect you have tried to live your life that way.

Mr. Mueller I do not suggest I know what the complexities of dealing with the Washington political environment are like today. I received a B.A. in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley but my studies were a long a time ago. What I do understand though is cow dung when I see it, and it is flowing like a river from these politicians and the media.

Mr. Mueller it is not 1980 or 1990, or even 2000. America has suffered under politicians pushing off taking care of the debt, health care, social security, and infrastructure while focusing instead on what they perceived was their main job…getting re-elected. The way they have been operating for over forty years has brought us to this dangerous place where lies and deception are no longer the exception but rather the way of doing  business in Washington.

The generation that opposed the Vietnam War, ran Nixon from the White House, and focused on love, peace, and pot went to Washington and Wall Street. When they got there they became the greediest, most self serving bunch ever to lead our country. The flower children generation fell far short of the ideals of their youth.

Mr. Mueller I know you see, as I and most honest Americans do also, the current environment of calling for more and more Russian investigations by the Congress, the Senate, and the Judicial committees, and every other committee that can call a hearing, are nothing more than politicians from both parties trying to keep Donald Trump from being able to push forth his proposals and bills for rebuilding America.

Mr. Mueller I am not suggesting you not do “your investigation”.  I hope you will do it, and do it quickly. I think once your investigation on the Trump-Russian connection is completed the politicians will have to drop their own wasteful and burdensome investigations. Maybe then they will actually get back to work and do what the American people have been asking them to do.  Make America great, make America better for our children and grandchildren, and make America safe.

When did collusion become a crime?  Influence?  I laugh when I hear these political leaders cry “influence by Russia”, influence?  Lets see, does Turkey influence…does Saudi Arabia influence… does Iran influence?  Oh yeah…what about that midnight flight of cash to Teheran? Or what about Bill Clinton getting a $400K pay day for a one day speech in Moscow shortly after the uranium deal with Russia? Influence they cry? What about the K Street lobbyist, many who represent foreign interest counter to our own? Influence…what a bunch of hypocrites.

Mr. Mueller please be quick and complete with your investigation for the good of the country. Donald Trump is trying to do some good things. He is a flawed President but when I look at history I have trouble finding one who was not.  In President Trump’s case he is about business and getting things done. It is my view we need him and he is the right guy for the right time. He may in fact be our last good hope for a prosperous and secure future for our country.


Michael Hawke








Am I the only one who……, Michael Hawke

……..thinks the Russian election investigation is nothing but a ruse that most of the politicians and media understand and are perpetrating in order to handcuff President Trump from getting to his agenda.

……..thinks the reason most of the politicians in Washington (are bought and paid for) are feeding this fake investigation is because they have special interest support, of which much of it comes from overseas companies and countries who stand to lose if the American people win by Trumps trade, jobs, and other policies. In other words they do not represent we the people any longer.

…….thinks all of the praise heaped on Jim Comey from both sides of the aisle was vomitous to hear and only supports my thought above.

…….thinks both many Republicans and most Democrats serving as our Representatives in Washington should get to work and quit the endless, mindless, and phony investigations?

……..thinks about 90 percent of media stories are either totally fake or partly fake?

……..thinks there is an agenda to mug President Trump in order to handcuff him from doing the hard work of making America a better place for us….the American people?

……..thinks Jim Comey should have been fired and was in fact a big part of the leaking of fake news for personal and political reasons?

……..thinks Jim Comey gave Hillary Clinton a get out of jail free pass by determining she had “no intent” to commit a crime….and in fact should be investigated for his possible criminal behavior?

……..thinks that most people no longer trust the media, print, television, internet, or radio, to include their “fake low approval” polls?

……..thinks President Trump is naive about how dirty Washington Politics is but wants to truly fix and improve America and has good ideas for American workers, families, and our children’s futures?

…….thinks our elected Representatives are mostly self serving and have little willingness to work together to help America solve problems and go forward?

……..thinks listening to the media today, in any form, is a total waste of time. Their credibility as the presenters of factual information is completely ruined by their own doing.

……..thinks President Obama’s midnight plane delivery of millions in cash to Iran was kind of worth looking into by the FBI and was a real crime.

……..thinks Hillary Clinton’s giving of 25 percent of the United States  uranium reserves to the Russians, followed a few months later by her husband Bill’s $400,000 paid fee in Moscow for one speech, was kind of also worth looking into by the FBI as to the clearly criminal deal making on a personal level by the Secretary of State.

……..thinks that come the 2018 elections the Republican numbers will increase in both the House and Senate due to the American people not being the dumb nucks the politicians think we are.

The Daily Mix…….by, Michael Hawke

18%    …The percentage of seats the University of California, at all campuses, reserves for out of State and out of Country incoming students. Almost 1/5th of all seats go to those not raised, schooled, or living in California. To all you parents dealing with your kids getting rejection letters because they do not cut the mustard, my sympathies. The only mustard you kids lack though is not smarts, but green money, and lots of it. Out of State and our of Country students get charged a whopping 27% fee on top of out of State tuition. Kind of looks like the Regents of the University of California are not running a California State University System but rather a play for pay at the expense of your kid and mine.

Students Walk Out:  On Vice President Pence’s commencement speech. I believe it is a commencement and they do not have to be there. They made their point. Now the school should take their time mailing out the diplomas, say like….. four years from now.

I understand the speech was very positive, uplifting, and motivating. Here again we see students, no, college graduates, who have not learned the lesson of listening to someone with a different point of view. I think in future years colleges will offer multiple halls where students can pick their commencement speaker. Can’t ruffle their feathers after all now that they are about to enter the real world.

The Russian Affair: My earlier piece on the Lobby System sheds light here. In sum though, what we need to understand is Russia, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia….and so many more have lobbyist in Washington D.C. calling on your Congressperson and mine to win favor and gain influence. This is nothing new. Our political leaders make professional hookers look like nuns. As long as the good Democrats keep wasting time not doing the work of the American people and pushing all this Russian collusion fake news they will face a whopping loss of seats in 2018. You heard it here first.

CNN Fake News: The problem with CNN and their reporting on this “Russian Affair” is they will do to the Democrats in 2018 what they did to them in the recent election…only much worse. They will cause the loss of more seats in both the Congress and the Senate. The problem with Democrats is they coexist with the liberal media creating and disseminating the fake news.  After a while they start believing their own lies thinking it is truth.  Hillary did this “bigley” and look at her now.  The American people recognize bull dung when they see it. You heard it here first.

Boy Kim: The recent photo of North Korea dictator Kim next to a rocket mounted on mobile rocket launcher made me think of my son and I when he was a kid. We used to have a “blast” firing model rockets. So many near misses and rocket engine failures along with successes too! I wonder if Kim is just playing with big toys in his mind, little as it is?

Memorial Day: I think we can all agree we need a mandatory military / civilian corps, service requirement for all young people. Young people who served in the military come into the work world with a whole lot more to offer than these spoiled puff balls coming out of colleges today. Think of the future; sacrifice and dedication to our nation right out of the chute is a win win for everyone, but mostly for them.

Difficult Things To Swallow….. by, Michael Hawke

The meaning of the title of this piece may not be clear to some so I will explain it. Difficult Things to Swallow means things that are just so wrong, so backward, so manipulative on their face, that they should be recognized for the lies they are. They are hard to listen to, hard to believe they are even presented with such presumed legitimacy…..these things are difficult for me to swallow….and I hope for you too. MH

China’s First Airliner: Everyone knows the design of this plane was reverse engineered and copied from both Boeing and Airbus plans. The Chinese are great at intellectual plagiarism and espionage. Kudos for that maybe, but not for the way they built this plane. They buy, steal, cheat, and then try to look smart. “Difficult to Swallow”.

The Pre-existing Health Condition Issue: Rush Limbaugh and many on the right argue that any new government health care program cannot cover people with pre-existing issues. They argue correctly that insurance is based on actuarial statistics and that it works because so many pay who have no problems and there is money to cover those who do have problems, just like car insurance.

The current new bill, just passed in the House, does not offer coverage for pre-existing conditions. The difficulty here is that they are acting like we are stupid, I mean really, really, dumb. As you will remember when Obama Care came in many people lost their health care and had to join one of the plans. These included people who had paid on policies for years and as they aged developed conditions. Now they are tossed into the Affordable Health Care program (Obama Care) and five or six years later are flat out of luck. Obama Care has collapsed and now Trump is putting forward Trump Care. So all of these people who now have pre-existing conditions have had their insurance ripped out from under them two or more times.

So who wins here? Think about it….the insurance companies win. As the companies begin to support Trump care they will charge these pre-existing people through the roof due to their joining with their pre-existing conditions.  Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Trump, and all the rest of you so called leaders….we need a single payer health care plan to cover all Americans. The bottom line is we the people want this…we do not want more F-35s.  We want health care. Get it done Political people or move over and let someone take over who can get it done.  Just stop with the ” pre-existing condition bull dung”….it is just too “Difficult to Swallow”. 

Building the Border Wall is Racist: This is so obviously wrong on several levels it is almost funny. Yet the left wing media, along with Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, have kept promoting this lie. First of all the “Wall” as it is referred to is already there in some places. San Diego has had a fence, and then a double border fence, for over thirty years. Guess what America, it has worked just fine. It has directed people to the gate, to the door, so to speak. Want to enter America? Use the front door. The left wing media labelling Trump a racist for wanting to secure our national borders is just wrong. Not only do they call him racist they are calling him fascist for wanting to keep this campaign promise. Remember left wing media….we conservatives voted for Mr. Trump because of his promise to secure our borders. I challenge the left wing media to go to downtown San Diego and fill a bus with homeless people and take them to the homes of all their reporters….I know they would welcome them right into their homes, no questions asked, right?  “Difficult to Swallow”.

Turkey Is Our Friend: Turkey is continually referred to as our friend. In fact Donald Trump is welcoming the Dictator President of Turkey to the White House. Turkey has been the friend to many politicians and former political and military leaders. They have made millions working for the Turkish Lobby. Yes, for those of you naïve about the Lobby System in America, foreign governments lobby our Representatives and government leaders. Quid Pro Quo and all that be damned. Turkey has undermined our government and gained undue influence. I say to the Turkish Government; acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, the current effort to eliminate the Kurds, and the cozy sleeping arrangements with Russia.  Turkey is not our friend, never has been, and likely never will be. “Difficult to Swallow”.

The NBA is Real Basketball: This one gets me. NBA basketball is a long, long way from real basketball. Everyone knows it yet they keep the lie going. Eventually it will collapse in on itself, like a stock that has been supported way beyond it’s true value. No, the current game is not basketball, it is ” Tall Ball”.  Want to watch real basketball? Widen and lengthen the court, raise the hoops, increase the size of the ball, and then we can see the real game of basketball played again. The current game of professional basketball is a fake.  “Difficult to Swallow”.




Cinco de Mayo…..and other things…. by, Michael Hawke

Cinco de Mayo is remembered for the unlikely victory over the French occupying Army at Puebla, Mexico. The Mexican Army was hugely outgunned yet prevailed. This was a great victory of courage and determination by the Mexicans and a shocking defeat for the French. The result of this defeat led to the French Army getting bogged down and unable to effectively move North to support the South in the American Civil War.

Cinco de Mayo is also remembered for the birth of Eva Guerrero in Veracruz, Mexico, on this date. Her family moved to Tijuana, Mexico where she was raised and where she has dedicated her life to women’s support groups, family, her many friends, and promoting La Ciudad de Tijuana North of the border, and throughout the world. She is known as “Eva Guerrero of Tijuana “, since just about everyone in Tijuana knows her or knows of her. She is one of the most beautiful women in all of Mexico and Latin America. Send her a Feliz Compleanos at 858-705-8486.

Street Tacos: If you have not been to Tijuana and eaten a real “street taco” you have not lived. This is something you must do before you die or your life will be an incomplete failure. Going to Tijuana is fun and easy from San Diego.

Caesars: If you go to Tijuana and fail to eat at Caesars you have missed one of the great world wide restaurants. People come from all over the world to dine there and you should too. The food is spectacular, the prices fair, and the service 5 Star. Did I mention the Caesar salad was invented there, that the Beatles ate there, that many of the Hollywood set over the years have eaten there? Caesars is a great dining and social experience not to be missed.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo…….Michael Hawke




The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

San Diego Weather: Cooler and overcast today. We have had a great Spring with so much rainfall that the California Drought was officially ended. Now we will be looking ahead to hot days, and what could be a very dangerous fire season by summer’s end.

I used to call my mother almost everyday in her later years. We had great talks, which I really miss. Mom would almost always start with  “How’s your weather out there?”.  My reply was usually short since our weather was always pretty tame compared to her Midwest weather. She always had the more interesting weather be it freezing rain, snow storms and blizzards, tornados, or unbearably humid days with house shaking thunderstorms.  Mom could discuss the weather for fifteen minutes and by the time she finished you knew what was happening. She missed her calling as she would have been a Phenom as a weather woman……Mom was really tough on those weather reporters!

Baseball: San Diego Padres are playing down to expectations. They play good but still manage to lose two or three out every four games. A repeat of last season awaits. Management has tried hard to assuage fan fears by marketing the fact “they are a young, and exciting team”.  While this is true, I do not buy into their “developing for the future….just be patient a few years” line. In a few years, when these young guys are hitting smoking bats and throwing flaming balls, guess what will happen?  Free agency baby….money talks and players walk…and it will be by by-by San Diego.  This has been our history, it has happened before and it will happen again, and again, and again. San Diego baseball?  Well, it’s a lot like our weather; nice, but pretty darn boring after you have been here awhile.

An Athlete And A Gentleman:  Speaking of baseball….Tim Tebow had a great hitting week. It is only a matter of time before he is moved up to double A ball. Not because he is necessarily going to make the “Biggs” but because he is in the “Biggs” wherever he plays. Fans and kids love Tim Tebow.  So sorry the media and sports gurus need to continually knock him, it just does not matter to the rest of us.  The regular folks see his sincerity, goodness, and athleticism, and they like it. The guy is nothing but an incredible athlete and an awesome human being. We could use a few more role models like Tim Tebow in sports, and the world in general.  Go Tim Tebow, I am rooting for your dream, brother.

The Death of the Factor: Bill O’Reilly had his run, and what a run it was. I am sorry to see him go. I was walking down the dock at Cabrillo Isle Marina where Endeavor is berthed and saw two beautiful women and an one average looking fellow getting ready to shove off in a fishing boat. I made the following comment, which could be labeled a tad sexists by certain people; “Wow, what a lucky guy you are going boating with not one, but two, beautiful women”. I immediately felt like I crossed a new red line for talking to women and so I stupidly said…. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like Bill O’Reilly”.  (Where that came from who knows? Maybe the constant CNN bashing on him being a womanizer, sexist, and an arrogant bully, was starting to register in my own head as factual).  The women both laughed and the red head replied….”No problem, I really like Bill O’Reilly and I am sorry to see him go off the air”.  I was surprised but I guess he did not get to be #1 by only appealing to men. He was right on the mark on so much of what he did on air.  Bill O’Reilley is now certainly in a new ” no spin zone” partly of his own making.  Meanwhile the rest of us males are just get more and more confused about how to talk and act around women. We too are now living and working in the “new no spin zone”. Thanks a lot Bill.

Coyote Spotted: A very large coyote….yes they showed him on TV and he is very large,  was spotted running through a Rancho Bernardo neighborhood today. He was caught on cameral and put on local news running with something in his mouth…probably a cat, rabbit, or small dog. Pets are easy prey for these wild beasts.  Watch out for coyotes. They are incredible hunters and your dog or cat is a delicacy they cannot resist. Coyotes can easily hop an 8′ high fence.

Dan’s “My Dream” Update: Dan crossed the equator moving into the Southern Ocean yesterday.  Now, due the time zones, hemispheres and all the rest, I am temporarily confused on when exactly yesterday was for Dan.  My magnetic compass is now swinging amiss and the variations and deviations are backwards too. Whenever yesterday was “it happened”. Dan wrote he is only about 500 miles from his first landfall, at Hiva Oa.  Sailing at about 100 miles a day he is just five days from returning to civilization. That bacon cheese burger is getting closer and closer Dan. Not too bad for a guy who left San Diego March 28th sailing all alone in his 35′ sailboat named “My Dream”.  He is now a member of a very small club of human beings in the history of the planet to have accomplished this feat sailing solo.  I put his courage, talent, and spirit, right up there with the likes of John Glenn and all the other great explorers. Dan, whenever you get back I am voting for you! We need leaders like you brother.




“My Dream” Easter Sunday In The North Pacific…… by, Michael Hawke

Dan’s Easter Sunday Update: Current location: lat/lon 07*51.8’N / 138*29.8’W

Hello to everybody, and Happy Easter. Halleluiah, He is Risen.

Not much to report today. Winds were good overnight. I shook out two reefs and flew the full main until a “system” rolled over me. I reefed again, just in time. It’s been slow going ever since and I think I will leave it this way for the night. I’d rather not have to get up in the middle of the night and reef in a blow, it’s safer that way. About four more days to the equator.

Love you all, Dan

Dan is solo sailing toward Tahiti and posts almost daily updates. He left from San Diego, California on March 23, 2017. Currently he is about three weeks North of Hiva Oha and is low on food. His spirit is strong and his sailing skills growing by leaps and bounds.