Republican Mid-Term Goals-60 Seats! by, Michael Hawke

The Government Just Shut Down: I listened to Chuck Schumer and Mitch Mc Connell blame each other over the shut down. There is no reason for this to have happened. The shut down was because the Democrats insisted that DACA needed to be voted for if they were to vote to keep the government open. They also insisted they would not vote for keeping the government open if the Republicans included the wall funding. So essentially they are unable to flex in any way.

The 60 Seat Goal: It should be clear to all Americans that these two groups of our political leaders are polarized. To take advantage of President Trump’s economic growth successes it is imperative the Republicans pick up enough seats at the Mid Term to give them the 60 votes. They will be pushing very hard to get the mid term races going after this debacle.

Senators Should Be Fired: Those Senators who let the government shut down should be targeted for defeat in their next election. It is clear the political bull dung these people are spewing is shameful. I for one will be supporting every Republican candidate running in November. These guys are worried about illegal immigrants, the DACA people, and forgetting about our citizens, our military, our veterans. How in the world can they be so openly dishonest.


The Daca / Dreamer Win ….. by, Michael Hawke


DACA/ DREAMERS Background Information: …..Reported numbers of DACA immigrants is somewhere around 500,000. The DREAMER numbers are higher and are said to be around 3.5 million. The DACA issue that we hear being negotiated has to do with a set of immigrants brought here as children and registered as DACA immigrants. They were granted temporary waivers to stay under the Obama administration until the deadline which is this March. The larger group, the DREAMERS, are also undocumented immigrants brought here as children but tend to be older and also are not registered in the DACA program.

The Innocent Immigrants: The issue of passing legislation to legalize the DACA group, and then also the DREAMER  group is going to happen. We will pass a law or laws to take care of these people who were largely brought here as children but who are now almost all adults. Through no fault of their own they were illegally brought here by their parents and or families and grew up knowing only America as their home. No groups of illegal immigrants has a better right to an amnesty then do these two groups.

The Problem: The snag here is that we now have a Republican President, Donald Trump, who ran a campaign that included the promise to make America safer by securing our borders through the building of a wall, increase in border patrol agents, and improved security throughout. He also promised to fix our immigration system by ending chain immigration and the lottery as well as selecting immigrants based on merit….what skills and talents will they bring to America to make our country a better nation. For some reason the Democrats insist on having DACA passed without letting the President include the changes he requires to achieve his security goals. The logic of these two things being linked is undeniable. Failure to fix the system of immigration will only lead to more DACA kids and future amnesties needed as well a continued lack of focus on controlling who is allowed to immigrate into America. The politics of polarization is at work here as the Democrats are eying the coming mid-term elections where they hope tp regain a majority in either the House or the Senate.

The Right Thing To Do: The right thing to do is for the Democrats to give the President what he needs to fix the immigration system as well as the money to build the wall and greater security system. The Democrats must know that failure to do this will lead to another disaster in the mid-term elections. The reality is building a wall, controlling our border, and standardizing our immigration system is good for everyone, both citizens and immigrants.

The Lie: The picture painted by the Democrats opposing the wall and the other issues is that we will close off Mexico. Anyone who lives in a border region knows this is both wrong and ridiculous. San Diego’s, San Ysidro border crossing is the busiest border crossing in the world. Thousands of people commute and travel back and forth every day. Many Mexicans living in Mexico have visas and work permits and come over to work in the U.S., preferring to live in their own country Mexico. We also have many Americans living across the border as well who commute daily to work.

San Diego Has a Fence (a wall really): and it is very effective in helping control the illegal, and criminal, elements from easily crossing into the United Sates. I do not think improving the wall along other parts of the border, where the Cartels clearly cross drugs and people freely, is anything other than a necessary and smart thing to do. I would also be remiss if I did not mention that last year in Tijuana, Mexico, minutes from San Diego, there were over 1700 murders….most of which were Cartel related. Do you think the citizens of San Diego want the current wall removed? Not in their lifetimes!

The Money For The Wall: President Trump promised during the campaign that Mexico will pay for the wall. He refers to the $71 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico, and NAFTA on the table for renegotiation, as the means to ultimately have Mexico foot the bill, either directly or indirectly.

After watching the economy and stock market reach record highs this past year and companies like Apple bringing back off shore money and opening new plants here in America, as well as the tax cuts for all Americans….why should we doubt the Presidents claim. Regarding the amount of money he is requesting, it is not a lot when you start looking at how many projects spend billions and billions in the government sphere.

10 Billion People: By mid 2030 or so the planet’s population will have grown from the current 7.5 billion people to a profound 10 billion people, all trying to live, work, and prosper. There is no question by that time America better be strong, prosperous, and have solid control of her borders. The suggestion President Trump’s goals are anything but that of a forward thinking, practical, business minded visionary is denying the reality of what he has already accomplished. The problem for the Democrats and the Liberal Media is that the President is not a politician. He is a builder….. and for him the only measure of success will be in his Making America Great and Safe again!

Do The Right Thing: I urge our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, to simply quit the lies, get back to work, and simply “do the right thing”.  This  is a win win for both sides…. and most importantly, for these DACA and DREAMER immigrants.




Chester John Pomorski Happy Birthday!…. By, Michael Hawke

Greatest Generation Stoicism: My Dad would have been 93 years old today. He passed way too early, at age 65, in 1990. Dad was a WWII veteran of the Pacific where he served on a landing craft as a gunners mate. He was an 18 year old kid just out of high school but was somehow, like all those kids in WWII, instantly turned into a man by virtue of the life and death nature of war. After the war these young men returned home and helped turn our country into a land of prosperity, growth, freedom, and opportunity. They were not a griping, complaining, or excuse making lot. Determined, stoic, work ethic drove them forward.

Dad never spoke to me about any of his war time service other than to suggest I not go into the Navy when I told I was going to join the military. I remember him saying ship life was pretty hard. I took his advice and went into the Army, thanks for that one Dad! Mom shared that on one of his missions he was assigned to a landing craft and was shuttling ammunition from a supply ship to the island. He told her that when it was time for lunch if your team was on the ship you ate aboard the ship and if on the island you at on the island. Dad was on the island eating sea rations with his buddies when they watched the ship blow up and sink. He spent the rest of the day, and the next, searching for survivors and recovering the bodies of the dead shipmates. Like so many of these WWII vets Dad must have had PTSD. In that time the VA had no knowledge of what it was or how to help veterans. The vets themselves developed many fraternal organizations where they had support and camaraderie.

Toledo Police Officer: Dad went on to a career in law enforcement serving as a Toledo Police Officer for over 20 years. He loved to garden, build model airplanes, take his dog with him in the car, and of course watch, and in that time, listen on the portable radio to sports. To say he was a Detroit Tiger fan would be a huge understatement. He loved the Tigers, and baseball in general.  We all got the bug. To this day I know my brother and sister and I are loyal Tigers fans as was our mom.  Dad left us with so much more than love of sports. We all knew he loved us and his model of toughness was a trait of the men of his time….warriors all.

Happy Birthday Dad: The Tigers should win the World Series this year and I know you are rooting from the upper deck, looking down. We love and miss you much. Thanks for being tough and for that “pomorski sense of humor” that we all somehow ended up with, for better or worse.





The Passing of Hakjoo

Hakjoo passed this weekend. She was a strong woman who never gave up fighting to live.  She suffered so very much, yet along the way was always the strong one. We offer her family, and her best friend, Garrett, our love, prayers and thoughts. To them, and to Hakjoo, who is now with the Lord we remember our Lord’s words in John 14:1-4

” Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you;  for I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am you may be also. And you know the way where I am going”.

Michael Hawke

“The Stable Genius”…..By, Michael Hawke

President Trump reminds Press….. he is a “stable genius”. The President held an open to the press, bi-partisan DACA and immigration meeting on Tuesday. After watching him live, and seeing him lead the meeting, it was crystal clear he is not only pretty smart ,but very skilled, at these boardroom settings. Later that night on the talking head liberal media shows the slanderous comments of his being demented, pre-Alzheimer, mentally ill, and psychopathic were silenced. (Win 1 for POTUS.)

Geniuses…even stable ones…do really dumb things… Thursday the “stable genius” gave away the win. In a meeting with a group of bi-partisan Senators to discuss a proposal for the DACA / immigration problem the President used off color and harsh, comments to refer to the “nations”, not the “people” of African countries as well as Haiti who send immigrants to our country. I could argue it was a private meeting to discuss and debate the offer and the tone and words of the President should not have been made public. On the other side President Trump, the ” stable genius”, acted pretty dumb if he really thought bully tough talk in a meeting with democratic leaders would stay private. Not thinking too genius like Mr. President. Also seemingly not negotiating in a way that reflected he had just scored a major PR win with the public on these matters. (Win 1 for the Dems and the Liberal Media.)

The comments were quoted out of context but….the stable genius has been in Washington for 12 months so he should expect anything he does or says likely will be used against him by the drive by media, especially when he does dumb stuff.  It should not be a shocker to him….he should have been a gentleman.

Being a “stable gentleman genius”…. Mr. President the American people want to see you succeed being….”a stable tough gentleman genius” and not, ” a fly off the cuff, blurting, bully, dork genius”.


H-1B Visa Liars….Companies say “No American Workers” for these jobs…… by, Michael Hawke

The Pomorski Report

The H-1B Visa Spin: The special interests have this thing spinning fast and furious…right out of President Trump’s White House. What, you say?  How can that be?  Donald Trump promised to end the abuses of the H-1B Visa underwriting program for big companies. He said these companies must fill the jobs with American workers first.

Wall Street Journal Fake News: This program has been going on, and growing on, for years now. The Wall Street Journal posted an article on page A6 on Tuesday titled; ” U.S Puts a Curb On Visa Program”. Great propaganda….or as Mr. Trump would say, “Great Fake News Story”.

Read the first paragraph….” The federal government began accepting visa applications for a fresh round of high-skilled foreign workers, without the wholesale changes President Donald Trump promised in his campaign. ” Just how does this opening paragraph line up with the Wall Street Journal headline….”A Curb on Visa Program”?…

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Jihad by the Birth…and Gotchya Journalism Once Again…by, Michael Hawke

The Pomorski Report

Jihad is not just by the sword. Ten years ago a famous London Imam boasted in an interview that all of Europe, including Great Britain, will be under Sharia law in twenty years or less. He said they are doing “Jihad by the Birth” with all Muslim immigrants entering Europe. These Muslim families are told to have many children. The good Imam stated how many but I do not recall…it is certainly more than four and likely closer to seven or more.

Meanwhile European young couples are reproducing at the phenomenal rate of something like 1.5 kids per couple. In other words they are not even replacing themselves. Not hard to do the math here is it?  Why are the media not doing this math?  Why not you ask? Because it would take a journalist to do this…too hard, too messy, too tough dealing with complex truths.

The recent misspeak by President Trump regarding Sweden was…

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The Hagen Das Affair…… by, Michael Hawke

The Pomorski Report

It was the second week in June and a beautiful Saturday morning when Eva and I headed for La Jolla to get breakfast and have some much needed recharge time. We live in San Diego and La Jolla is to San Diego as Beverly Hills might be to L.A. It takes us no more than twenty minutes to drive form our home to the coast. La Jolla is the most beautiful place in Southern California, truly a “jewel” on the Pacific. There are many things that bring people to visit La Jolla but the central draw is the beach and the cove. The restaurants, shops, and museums are frosting on the cake. The boardwalk runs high above the surf, from the cove at the North, to the children’s pool at the South end of La Jolla.

We love to go to breakfast at either Harry’s on Gerrard, or Brockton Villa, which is right on Coast Blvd and sits…

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The Daily Mix……….by, Michael Hawke

Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery Neglected: One half of Puerto Rico’s 3.3 million people are without power still. That is 100 days since Hurricane Maria hit and destroyed much of the island. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act 100 years ago granting U.S. citizenship to the residents of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory seized from Spain during the Spanish-American War in 1898. There is plenty of blame to point at the Puerto Rican politicians who have let the island’s infrastructure fall into neglect to the point much of it needs to be totally rebuilt. Regardless of this mismanagement and corruption in Puerto Rico the President and Congress needs to step up and provide the means and money to the Puerto Rican people, fellow American citizens, to rebuild. Shameful describes their efforts so far.

San Diego Auto Show: The worst auto show I have attended in years. They closed the food counters one hour before closing, there were many cars with no brochures and many with kiosks said…”brochure not uploaded”. There were some areas with great customer support, Subaru for example, but others were empty. I got the feeling half the cars were just parked there by the dealers….an auto show it was not. (In 2013 I attended the Detroit Auto Show….now that was a show to see.) I paid for two senior tickets, $12.00 each and $20.00 to park. For the $44.00 dollars I got less info and selection than what I could have seen by visiting the dealers lot. You could get a better selection of cars to view by attending the zoo and walking through the parking lot.

Liberal Media More Fake News: It will take another surprise election upset of democrat candidates for the liberal media to understand most Americans know their game, and are no longer buying it. The liberal media is both the marketing and the propaganda department for the left. They have no journalistic integrity left; none, nada, zip…gone!

The First Lady 200 Year Old Tree Story: The story was put out in almost every liberal news source; the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and of course in click bate form on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and most all of the web site sources.

The story was that Melania Trump ordered the cutting down of a 200 year old Magnolia Tree on the White House Grounds. They described this as the First Lady’s doing. She was painted in a very negative way, in spite of their knowing full well their story was not true. These stories were repeated for about one week.

The Arbor Society recommended the tree be taken down. There is a four point scale starting with the danger of a tree falling and causing human injury or death. This tree met this standard for being a danger and the grounds people at the White House came to Melania requesting her to sign off on the cutting down of the tree.

It had been a hazard for many years. The Press often stood under, or near the tree, during Press conferences and other gatherings. As it turned out they were able to do only a partial cut down.  The First Lady is in charge of all grounds matters at the White House and she was acting in her official capacity. She did not initiate the action and did nothing wrong. She was not out looking to ruin history by chopping down old trees.

Not one of these stories was corrected, edited, or redacted. The news organizations responsible for distributing this negative story showed their true colors….. they are liars. They are going all out to slander and lie about the President and his administration hoping to swing votes in 2018. When the President calls them  “FAKE NEWS” organizations, they have justly earned the title.


A Prayer For Dear Hakjoo……..from, Michael Hawke


Dear God, You are the Almighty All-Powerful All Knowing. You are the Creator of the Universe. Your ways are a mystery to us, but we, your people, love you in good times and in bad, when we rejoice and when we suffer. Today Oh Lord, at this moment we are suffering. Please wash your light and warmth over dear Hakjoo. Wipe away her pain. Maker her whole again in your Presence as you watch over her passing unto You. You are Blessed Oh God. Holy Holy Holy art Thou, Creator of Life and Righteous Judge. Amen

My friend Garrett is with Hakjoo, his best friend, as she is passing from this world due to her illness. She has been an inspiration to all of us. She is a strong young woman who started her own business and raised a wonderful family as a single mom. Garrett sent me this prayer and asked that we all pray for Hakjoo. Please send this prayer upward to the Lord… and remember also the words of comfort from Jesus to His disciples, and to us as well, in the book of John.

John: 14:1-3   ” Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house there are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. “