“I QUIT THE NFL” ….By, Michael Hawke

Marshawn Lynch I say to your coaches, the owners, and the fellow players who are too cowardly to pull your spoiled butt off the bench during the playing of our National Anthem ….” I QUIT THE NFL ” … I watch college football.

I have had it with spoiled NFL players disrespecting America, and all those who have fought and died for their many freedoms, which include playing professional football for millions of dollars. When NFL players kneel, squat, or sit….it says to all the fans, kids and people around the world… “I believe our country is a racist place where minorities are kept down”.

America is not perfect, but it is a free country where people can work, live, travel, make a fortune, or just enjoy life. Marshawn Lynch when you sit during our National Anthem you are doing an advertisement to the world that says “America is bad, evil, no equality for all, a place where minorities are kept down, where life is unfair”. That is the lie you send out, not just to NFL football fans, but to all people around the world. Our enemies even use your protests to gain advantage and to build propaganda.

You know Marshawn Lynch America has treated you just fine. Your current net worth is over $30,000,000. dollars. Your current NFL salary is listed as $1,350,000.dollars per year. That is for a season that lasts less than six months. Your other income from commercials, advertising, and endorsements puts you even higher I am sure, probably pushes you up into the stratosphere of incomes.

You went to the University of California Berkeley, which is one of the top five academic schools in America, my alma mater also. We went to the same school Marshawn. I served in the United States Army for 29 years. I am not even going to list my net worth…it is not based on dollars either. You know I served with guys who paid the total price…Blacks, Whites, Asians, American Indians, Christians, Jews, Muslims…. men and women from all races, creeds, and backgrounds. They believed that while our country was not perfect it was free, and it was worth giving their all, even to die, so their loved ones and fellow Americans might stay free.

Your protest should shame you and the uppity football league called the NFL. The NFL stands for  “National Football League “.  Kind of funny to me…it should be called the “UFL ” for “Unfair Football League”. Nothing National about the NFL. It is all about the money, and the players lucky enough to get there should not be sitting on their asses during the playing of the National Anthem. You want to protest do so off the field. That anthem, before the game,….it means a lot to many Americans, Americans less fortunate than you, but who understand what freedom is, and what it is not.

You know what an E-6 Sergeant makes yearly Marshawn Lynch? Take a good look…. $40,896.00. When you add all the other percs, such as BAQ and medical, they may make $50,000.00, dollars a year. So think about this…you are protesting the unfairness of our country because we have a small number of racist fools while our military men and women are risking their lives training, preparing, moving from family on deployments, and serving in combat zones. They do this why? So you can pipe out a message to the world  “America sucks…it is unfair….it is racist” !

Marshawn Lynch have you ever asked yourself why 75% of the people on the planet would move to America in a “New York Minute”, given the chance? Did you ever wonder on that one? I bet it must be because the rest of the world is really fair, and really free, right?  No Marshawn, the rest of the world is not free, fair, or without racism and prejudice. You want to protest Marshawn go to Africa, India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia….there are some really bad places. There are many countries where minorities, gays, women, and children are abused, kept down, and murdered ….where life is cheap and freedom is non-existent.  Next vacation Marhsawn skip the Bahamas, tag along with our troops in Afghanistan and learn about the real world.

My advice to you is to start giving hope and positives to people, including the minority communities. Use your platform to build up not tear down, unite not divide, encourage not discourage. Marshawn when you sit on your fat, rich, ass during the playing of the National Anthem you do not give people hope…you give them despair…and the sad thing is you are telling them a lie.  You tell them the game is rigged, they cannot make it. You convey to them they should have doubt, fear, despair, and hate.

Marshawn because a group of white racists hold a march and create a riot does not make America a racist country. America is not a perfect nation. It never was, but we have always strived as a people to become better, to make our country a place of opportunity and freedom for all. Looks like it has worked for you?

As for the NFL….the league evidently thinks it cannot interfere with players rights to protest during the playing of the National Anthem but they have no problem keeping them from celebrating in the end zone after touch downs. I say they show some real cowardly behavior. Personally, if I were the owner of the Oakland Raiders, I would fire you and any player who protests during the National Anthem.

No player should be bigger than the team, or the league. No football fan watches the game to see players push politics. Fans want to enjoy sports and escape the grind of their lives. You guys just don’t get it.

I QUIT THE NFL … watch college games… join the protest.

Michael Hawke


The Hagen Das Affair…… by, Michael Hawke

It was the second week in June and a beautiful Saturday morning when Eva and I headed for La Jolla to get breakfast and have some much needed recharge time. We live in San Diego and La Jolla is to San Diego as Beverly Hills might be to L.A.. It takes us no more than twenty minutes to drive form our home to the coast. La Jolla is the most beautiful place in Southern California, truly a “jewel” on the Pacific. There are many things that bring people to visit La Jolla but the central draw is the beach and the cove. The restaurants, shops, and museums are frosting on the cake. The boardwalk runs high above the surf, from the cove at the North, to the children’s pool at the South end of La Jolla.

We love to go to breakfast at either Harry’s on Gerrard, or Brockton Villa, which is right on Coast Blvd and sits high on a bluff facing West, over the cove to the magnificent blue Pacific Ocean. This day we went to Brockton Villa.  We had an exceptional breakfast and were lucky to sit on the balcony which is like being in the front row of a play or sporting event. Prime seating, inspiring, even spiritual. Brockton Villa has been here for almost 100 years. You can read the fascinating history on their web page. We like it because their food is a ten on our scale, and they always remember us and always seat us on the balcony porch!

After breakfast we crossed over to the cove and watched seals and people. The seals having taken the upper hand in the past year at the cove, but the swimmers and bathers still were enjoying the small beach and the gentle surf. We walked the cove boardwalk South until we came back on Coast Blvd and then hiked up the hill to Prospect Street where all the shops, museums, and restaurants sit.

We spent a couple hours browsing in shops and museums. Eva bought a couple of things and we both drooled over some art we could not afford but really wanted to buy. By this time the afternoon was upon us, the temperature was warming up, and we felt like a break.  We decided to stop at the Hagan Das and get our favorite La Jolla treat, coffee and ice cream.

We waited, or I should say I waited, in a long line while Eva shopped in the store next door. When I got near to my turn she walked in, purchase in hand, ready for her ice cream and coffee. I ordered a single scoop, strawberry ice cream on a sugar cone and she got her usual double scoop, cookies and cream on a regular cone. We got our black coffees and went outside where there are three metal tables with hard chairs attached. We got lucky as a couple was just leaving their table as we walked out the door.

Eva and I are people watchers. We sat there licking our cones, sipping our coffees, and watching the people go by. La Jolla is an international place. The million dollar homes, the ocean vistas, the quaint shops and museums, and the awesome restaurants mean on any given day you will see people from pretty much all over the world.

While sitting there soaking in the sun, totally relaxed, and enjoying my ice cream, Eva’s phone sang….note I said “sang”. Phones used to ring but now they talk, sing, gurgle, bong, and more, when there is an incoming call. A traditional ringing alert is rare to hear.  She answered the call and began a conversation with someone, maybe family or a friend, I never bothered to ask. There was a good amount of street noise and people noise as we were right on the sidewalk in front of the store and a mere ten feet from the street. People, dogs, kids, as well as cars, trucks, bikes and cycles all moving past us in both directions. She had to talk loud in order to be heard by the caller. I tuned her out as I was in my own place of joy, not a Zen state, but in a very reflective mood, enjoying warmth from the ice cream, coffee, sun, and people.

As I sat there licking my cone there was a man sitting on my left at the next table. He looked Asian or Hawaiian, maybe Polynesian, and was wearing a straw fedora, a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. He was somewhere between 35 and 45 years old, tough to place his age. I gathered all this in with a quick glance at him after he snarled at Eva to stop being so loud. He said he could not hear the person he was talking to on his cell and to quiet down. My wife looked around me and signaled to him an “OK” with her hand. I was immediately annoyed by his tone but kept licking my ice cream figuring these two, on separate cell calls, with me in between them, should be able to work it out.

I took a few more licks of the cone and then the man snarls a curse word for Eva to pipe it down. As I momentarily processed this, I hesitated maybe ten seconds, before turning toward him and saying in a calm voice, ” if you do not know how to talk to a lady with respect then shut your big mouth or I will help you shut it”. Kind of direct as I look back on it now, but still appropriate for his coarse behavior toward Eva. At that point he got enraged, stood up, and said he was the owner of the store and told us to leave his premises.

Eva was still sitting and talking, and, looking up at me with one eye was waiving her hand toward us mouthing she was sorry. She then told me to sit down and not be rude. At this point Eva turned away and was re-engaged in her call but the man was standing in front of me and moved into my private space. He was inches away, with a balled fist, yelling we had better get up and leave right now or he would have us arrested. The rim of his fedora hit me in the chin and I reacted by flicking the hat up and off his head. It was caught by the wind and blew over the pedestrians and out into the street. I remember thinking what a good flick that was… the thought was fast replaced with concern as he retrieved his hat and pushed by people, charging right toward us. He was pointing his cell phone at us as if taking pictures or video. He kept saying “you assaulted me” and “I am calling the police”….”you are going to jail”.

Eva ended her call and expressed upset toward me. She asked why I was being so rude and that she hated it when I acted like that. As the man kept getting animated and more angry he was calling out to passing people saying I had assaulted him. Eva grabbed my arm and pulled saying “lets get out of here”!

As we moved around, and past, people heading down the street the little man in the fedora began following us. As we looked back he was in a short trot and by the time we reached the Valencia Hotel he confronted us again accusing me of assaulting him, asking for witnesses to wait until the police arrived. He seemed to be talking to a police dispatcher on his cell phone giving directions to where we were.

Humans react to danger with one of two responses, fight or flight. I was tempted to knock the guy on his arse but Eva had already expressed displeasure with me for responding to him harshly, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her across Prospect to the other side of the street….we chose flight.  We quickly headed South, toward Drury Lane, where we turned left and darted through the alley behind the stores. As we entered the alley I looked back and saw the crazy guy running in front of cars, cutting the corner of the two streets, and heading right for us. I rushed Eva down the alley, we were actually in a trot with both of us turning our heads back looking for our crazed pursuer. We exited the alley a block further down onto Silverado where there are more shops and eating places and lots of people walking. We blended in as best we could but at the next corner I looked back just as the guy ran out of the alley and looked right at me. I yelled at Eva that he was gaining on us.

We ran across another street, turned the corner and I told Eva we needed to split up. I told her to meet me back a the car in fifteen minutes. “You head into that gallery and I will go into the restaurant after I am sure he sees me”. “I should be able to draw him off”. Eva disappeared around another corner and I waited, baiting the guy, before running into the restaurant. The place was high end, white table cloths, waiters in vests, lots of customers. I headed for the back where the restrooms were but instead of going into the men’s room I walked right into the kitchen just like I owned the place. Chefs and cooks were working at tables preparing food and I strolled through with a purpose, toward the back door which I pushed through and found myself right back in the alley. I ran back toward the original entrance to the alley and then hid in a corner behind a delivery truck.

I crouched low and soon the pursuer goes running by at full speed. I then headed back the other way and caught a break as a large group of people were lined up in front of another restaurant. I had cover which allowed me to double South, away from Prospect, and back toward our car.  I finally made it back to the car thirty minutes later. I had no sign of Eva so I went into Mike’s Subs which had a big window and watched and waited.

Five minutes later Eva walks in. Her hair was let down, she had a different shirt on, and she was wearing big dark sun glasses. She looked liked a movie star, beautiful as ever. She told me she went into the museum and exited the back and then went into a shop where she bought a top, bagged her coat, let her hair down and donned the dark glasses. She said she walked right past the little guy and he did not even notice her.

We spent the drive home laughing and trying to figure out what that experience was about. Who was that guy, and why we ran and he followed, and did he really own the restaurant?  And of course Eva wanted to know why I had started the whole thing.

If you go to La Jolla and visit the Hagan Das be sure to have your running shoes on and if you happen to see a short guy in a fedora…. talk quietly on your cell phones.

Michael Hawke






The Daily Mix……..by, Michael Hawke

My Sunday: A great day in San Diego. I visited with my children, swam my designated pool laps, spent time organizing on the boat, and then did some reading and writing. All in all, a day of rest and relaxation. Hope to do more of these.

Caesars Restaurant Tijuana:  I had dinner Saturday night at Caesars in Tijuana. I usually meet a friend there once or twice a month. I ordered my usual, the small Caesars enselada, glass of red wine, followed by a flan and an Americano coffee for desert. This all complimented by smoking a very fine Cuban cigar. I sit at my regular table on the patio. Smoking is allowed on the patio and I have come to relish these times of reflection, conversation, excellent food and service, and on this night an ongoing Mariachi performance.

As an aside if you have not dined at Caesars you have missed much. The Caesar salad was invented right there in the 1920s. There is a history of Hollywood stars dining there over the years going back to the 1950s. The current ownership has elevated the restaurant to a very fine place with outstanding service and a menu that has no weak links. All first class….go to Caesars and have a very romantic dinner experience. I might add it will not dent the wallet…not even close. You heard it here first.

E-Ball: My plans to save the NBA are moving forward. I have outlined the new league…it will be called E-Ball. E for “Experimental”, as opposed to B-Ball for Basketball. We are working on funding from the NBA and of course a host of other sponsors. The league will be filled with hopefuls and guys who can still play but are no longer at the NBA tier. This will offer an additional profit vehicle for the league. More importantly it will be a testing program for the changes that will ultimately be adopted into the NBA game. Updates coming soon.

Endeavor to Cuba: I am slowly putting the boat into shape for the trip to Puerto Vallarta. My plan is to go this November on the first leg by way of the Baja Haha sailboat race South. The race will end either in Ensenada or Cabo and I will continue on to Puerto Vallarta where I will leave the boat for a season. Then next year I am going to take it through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and on to Cuba where I plan to buy a cigar or two just to do my part to support the inevitable budding democracy on the Island.

We might see Puerto Rico becoming a State soon and maybe down the road, say ten years, Cuba too! Stranger things have happened. I would sure like to see us focus our money and efforts in our own backyard instead of continuing to throw our blood and money in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

The President Trump Witch Hunt: Yes it is a witch hunt…but it is fixing to back fire bigley. No other way to describe it. The ruling class in Washington, D.C. got a clear message when President Trump was elected. He was going to run things like a business. This idea, which appealed to the majority who elected him, seems to have borne initial fruit. The stock market is through the roof. The jobs numbers unbelievable, the economy humming.

Sorry to tell the Democrats, liberal media, and rebel Republicans, trying to derail Trump that come the 2018 election he will be supporting Republican candidates. President Trump will hold rallies, tout the accomplishments, and point out the need to gain real majorities in the House and Senate in order to finish the work.  Like the Clinton campaign managers who thought she would be elected  with ease those who now believe the Democrats will regain footing in the coming election are deluding themselves….bigley!  We have a President for the people and like it or not he will serve two terms. Time for the Dems to stop with the blocking actions and start cooperating. The coming election will be a real smoker. You heard it here first.


Daily Mix………by, Michael Hawke

South Dakota: I met two people from South Dakota and was reminded there are a lot of smart people who do not live in California. Hey, I knew this of course, but when you talk to someone from the center of the country you feel their sense of roots, and common sense…..traits that have been bred out of most Californian’s by their liberal education system and government.

Donald Jr. and the Russian Mess: I watched him on Hannity last week when asked if there were any more things to come out and he said….”nothing, that is all there is”. So two days later it comes out another Russian guy was at the meeting. Not just Donald Jr., Jared Cushner, Paul Maneforte, plus the Russian’s aide were there but another Russian guy. I ask myself what is wrong with Donald Trump Junior? I know he is not a political person but my oh my what a blunder telling Hannity on National TV ” that’s  everything”.

This happened, like all their other blunders, because the Trump campaign has tried to play major league politics when they barely only have minor league skills. Still, they won the game…but how long will they get battered over these inane Russian collusion non- issues? They still fail to put all of these messes to bed.

Hillary…now she is a real “major league” politician. Had she been healthy she would have won. I believe she had to rely on those around her due to her being seriously ill in the last few weeks of the campaign. The people trying to pull her through started believing their own propaganda which served Trump a big old fat one right across the plate.  Trump hit a walk off homer in the bottom of the 9th on election night to win the game. Thank goodness for that!

Cable TV: This is a waste of hard earned money. If you want to keep paying $150.00 or more a month go ahead….but it is stupid. As for the political channels, sports events, and all the other stuff…well it is not worth the money. Cable TV will go the way of Blockbuster.

Health Care Bill Blues: The Republicans in the Senate are dumb, plain and simple. What they need to do was let Obama Care die and then put together a new Health Care Plan with bi-partisan help. There is no way it should be allowed to be called ” Trump Care”. It should be called “The American Health Care Bill”. If our current Senators, both left and right, are unable to get it done then we are stupid if we re-elect them.

Time for a Constitutional Convention:  Current leaders in Congress should address these matters. I believe it must be done through a Constitutional Convention. Currently our Congressmen get elected for two year terms. Six months into their first year they are running for re-election. Everything they do is designed to build political capitol to be used at the next election, just 18 months away. Today millions and millions of dollars are spent on these campaigns. The lobbyists have a hey day, the corruption is ripe, the people get the shaft. So here is the simple fix;

Congresspersons: They are elected to a four year term and can only serve three terms.

Senators: They are elected to a six year term and also can only serve three terms.

President:  Elected to one six year term with no re-election.

There is no doubt this will get these guys working together, cut election waste, and lessen corruption. Lets change things for the better. Call for a Constitutional Convention.



The Daily Mix…..by, Michael Hawke

Tim Tebow:   Tim Tebow was moved up to Single A ball in the Mets organization and is hitting 327. He has an 11 game hitting streak going and today hit his first professional “walk off” homer for the win. He will at AA level by the end of the season. Great job Tebow, I know you are having fun chasing your dream! Baseball is an awesome game.

San Diego Padres: All I hear is we have a great President, a great General Manager, an Awesome Coach…..we are in last place. I am not buying the ” youth movement….we just need a few more years of patience” stuff. Free agency pretty much kills that plan, or it has in the past. Still a fan…they are still my team, keep trying boys!

Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton:  I ran into Lee this morning at the library in San Diego. He is producing his own “Sports Page” and awaiting an opportunity to get back in the booth. He was great in the Chargers hey day. I used to listen to him every morning on my ride to work. They replaced him with a loud mouth ego and their ratings are now in the cellar, or below. Progress, eh? Hang in there Lee, you know your stuff and your voice is still golden.

President Trump: The POTUS and FLOTUS are in Paris for the celebration of Bastille Day. I watched the press conference and Trump owns a room when he is in it. The President of France kind of resembles portraits of Napoleon Bonaparte….eerie. They seem to be getting along and I believe our President is doing a great job and will be a two termer. He may even surpass Ronald Reagan as a down to earth, common sense leader. “Build Up That Wall, Mr. President” !

Hannity: Not sure who his producer is but in his TV, and Radio shows, he opens with what he calls “my monologue”. He runs on and on and on, making a significant number of points on several different issues. Sean Hannity is in love with himself. The personal pronoun “I” is his favorite word.  He has good ideas and some good shows, but he does not know how to let the show be the focus. He thinks he needs to be the focus…. and for the record Sean you just are not that interesting. Get out the way and let things work.

Endeavor: Taking Endeavor out on Sunday with friends. Nothing is more relaxing than sailing on San Diego Bay. I named her after Captain Cook’s first ship. My ultimate goal for Endeavor is to take her through the Canal to Cuba and after that who knows where the wind might blow us.

Louie Lamoure: One of the most prolific writers of modern time. His autobiography is called  “The Education of a Wandering Man”. If you have not read it you are missing out. He says what makes a great writer is being a great reader. He lists all the books he ever read and this alone is worth having the book. A must read on your summer reading list.





Sunday Reflections…….by, Michael Hawke

Word For The Day: Psalm 62:2 “Truly my soul waits upon God: from Him comes my salvation”. Proverbs 2:6 ” For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge.

Birthday Resolutions: Today is my birthday…I always set out on this day to read the bible through again, start to finish in 365 days. I did not complete last years pledge but did read my way forward. Now, a new birthday, I begin over again. I am committed to complete the reading by July 2, 2018.

Read Through the Psalms and Proverbs Every Month: There is no downside from doing this, none, nada, zip!  Here is how to do it so easy, just so easy to do!

There are 31, 30, or 28 days each month of the year. There are 31 proverbs each easily read in five minutes. Read the proverb for that particular day, for example July 2, you read Proverbs 2.

The Psalms can be completed the same way only you will read three or four Psalms a day since there are 150 Psalms. Some are short, some are long and some are in between. This can be done in twenty minutes or less each day. This being July 2 you read the 2nd Psalm, then add 30 and read the 32nd Psalm add 30 again and read the 62nd Psalm, then the 92nd, then the 122nd.

So following this technique you have read Proverbs 2, and Psalms 2,32,62,92, and 122 for a total of five Psalms and one Proverb. Prayer and meditation will happen as the Lord inspires and you are open to it. Enjoy!

Understanding and Fear: Life is understood looking back but it is lived looking ahead. Always do what you are afraid to do!

Be Anxious for Nothing: ” Be anxious for nothing but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise…think upon these things.  Philippians 4:6-8

So what do you muse about, think about, wrestle with in your mind and heart? Well Paul tells us these are the things we should be directing our thoughts toward. The good not the bad, the beautiful, not the ugly, the honest, not the lies.








“The Plan” ……..by, Unknown Author

“The Plan”

In the beginning was the Plan.                                                                                                                                                    And then came the Assumptions;                                                                                                     And the Assumptions were without form,                                                                                                                                                     And the Plan was completely without substance;

And darkness was on the faces of the workers;                                                                                                                                            And they spoke unto their Group Heads, saying;                                                                                                                                               “The Plan is a crock of dung and it stinks”.

And the Group Heads went unto their Section Heads and said;                                                                                                                                                            “It is a pail of dung and none may abide the odor thereof”.

And the Section Heads went unto their Managers and said unto them;                                                                                                                                                                “It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such than none here may abide by it”.

And the Managers went unto their Director and said to her;                                                                                                                                                        “It is a vessel of fertilizer and none may abide by it’s strength”.

And the Director went unto the Executive Director and said;                                                                                                                                                        “It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong”.

And the Executive Director went unto the Vice President and said unto him;                                                                                                                                                          “It promotes growth and is very powerful”.

And the Vice President went unto the President and said to her;                                                                                                                                                        “This powerful new Plan will actively promote growth and efficiency of the department and this area in particular”.

And the President looked upon the Plan and saw that it was good;                                        And the Plan became…..Policy!



The Daily Mix…….by, Michael Hawke

The Death of the Press:  Right Before our eyes we watch the media’s death roll from a self inflicted suicidal shot to the heart. The printed press, internet search pages, radio, and television news all have managed to kill their own profession in just a few short years.  No one believes the media any longer.  Sorry to say but we now are in a place where there is no honest source of factual information. The birth of the internet brought such hope for being able to find information and truth and it has devolved into a place where confusion and lies reign. What a shame.

Gone Fishing: This is what Special Counsel Mueller has done. He, and his growing legal team of former Clinton and Democrat supporters, are “fishing”. They are fishing at great tax payer expense looking for a crime, or even an inkling of an inkling of a crime in the Trump and Republican camps. The fact our former FBI Director Jim Comey admitted to leaking should scare every single American. The FBI is not dealing honest, and some have known this to be true for quite awhile.

There should be no tolerance for leaking in our FBI yet Comey explained his leak as if it were no big deal. The Director of the FBI! Read the Sybil Edmonds Story…”Classified Woman”. She was a former FBI whistle blower who got creamed by the FBI. It is a story worth reading. Could it be there is a reason all of the politicians were kissing Comey’s rear end when he testified?  Mr. Mueller if you are looking for a crime maybe you should start lookingl inside your own organization first.

Trump’s Agenda: The President seems unflappable by all of the obstructionists working to do him, and his policies, in before they can get even be implemented. He continues to daily present his ideas and policy plans to the American people, keeps us informed (and I must say entertained) by his tweets, and displays a common sense approach not seen since Ronald Reagan was in The White House. The media, the democrats, and yes, even some in his own party, who seek to “obstruct”  will be in for a surprise at the ballot box next time they are up for re-election.

It would be wise for these lazy obstructionists to remember Americans spoke loudly when they elected President Trump….”cut the crap”….”get to work”, and “take care of business”. If Trump is foiled due to all of these investigations and obstructionist actions there will be a cost come election time for these loafers….no matter the fake polls, fake news, and fake leaks assuring they will be re-elected! They would do wise to remember Hillary’s big error…she started believing all the polls, stories, and leaks they were creating.

Hypocrites of the Worst Sort: The worst kind of hypocrite is the one who lies to kids. All the left screams loud at any type of prejudice, bullying, or hate speech in the schools. Kids are taught in lower grades about showing respect and not judging others no matter their sexual preference, race, creed, or color. All good things for young people to learn and practice.

The problem here is what do the kids see their parents watching on the television?  Saturday Night Live….which is all about bullying, slandering, and hating. What do they see from the so called comedians? Well, not a lot of humor, but a whole lot of hate. Look at Kathy Griffith and the mock beheading of President Trump, Bill Maher and his open arrogant lies, and so many more. So, kids, all I can say is when you grow up you too can start bullying, hating, and telling lies about others just like the media and the famous entertainers do….but until then we want you to act like decent human beings.

Speaking of Comedy: I am old enough to remember watching “real comedy” on TV. The Johnny Carson Show, The Honeymooner’s, The Red Skelton Show, The Lucy Show and later the Lucile Ball Show, Bob Hope, Dean Martin, and so many more, really made people laugh. You can look back on these shows and you will not find them seeking laughs by hating on others. If hate, rudeness, and crudeness were used they always painted those displaying these traits in a negative way. Times have changed…..for the worse.

Comedian Jim Carey recently stood by Kathy Griffith in her “beheading hate skit” of the President. Jim Carey you made us all laugh, and laugh a lot. I hope you can continue to be a source of enjoyment and fun for those of us who love watching you. Please note that the audience knows the difference between a true comic and a wanna be. I hope you can resist the urge to use hate and lies to get a laugh….you are too good for that.

Oh, and please do not think I need you to show me political truth in the world. You are a comedian, comedians are supposed to entertain and make us laugh. That is what you do, and do so well.  However, if you choose to be a political manipulator instead of a comedian then you lost me Jim.




An Open Letter to Special Counsel Robert Mueller…….by, Michael Hawke

Dear Mr. Mueller,

I am requesting you do your duty with honor and integrity in this investigation. I read your biography and like you I too am a veteran. I retired from active duty after 29 plus years. I am also a disabled veteran. I know you know what it means to follow a code of high moral values. I know you did that in your Vietnam service to our country and I suspect you have tried to live your life that way.

Mr. Mueller I do not suggest I know what the complexities of dealing with the Washington political environment are like today. I received a B.A. in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley but my studies were a long a time ago. What I do understand though is cow dung when I see it, and it is flowing like a river from these politicians and the media.

Mr. Mueller it is not 1980 or 1990, or even 2000. America has suffered under politicians pushing off taking care of the debt, health care, social security, and infrastructure while focusing instead on what they perceived was their main job…getting re-elected. The way they have been operating for over forty years has brought us to this dangerous place where lies and deception are no longer the exception but rather the way of doing  business in Washington.

The generation that opposed the Vietnam War, ran Nixon from the White House, and focused on love, peace, and pot went to Washington and Wall Street. When they got there they became the greediest, most self serving bunch ever to lead our country. The flower children generation fell far short of the ideals of their youth.

Mr. Mueller I know you see, as I and most honest Americans do also, the current environment of calling for more and more Russian investigations by the Congress, the Senate, and the Judicial committees, and every other committee that can call a hearing, are nothing more than politicians from both parties trying to keep Donald Trump from being able to push forth his proposals and bills for rebuilding America.

Mr. Mueller I am not suggesting you not do “your investigation”.  I hope you will do it, and do it quickly. I think once your investigation on the Trump-Russian connection is completed the politicians will have to drop their own wasteful and burdensome investigations. Maybe then they will actually get back to work and do what the American people have been asking them to do.  Make America great, make America better for our children and grandchildren, and make America safe.

When did collusion become a crime?  Influence?  I laugh when I hear these political leaders cry “influence by Russia”, influence?  Lets see, does Turkey influence…does Saudi Arabia influence… does Iran influence?  Oh yeah…what about that midnight flight of cash to Teheran? Or what about Bill Clinton getting a $400K pay day for a one day speech in Moscow shortly after the uranium deal with Russia? Influence they cry? What about the K Street lobbyist, many who represent foreign interest counter to our own? Influence…what a bunch of hypocrites.

Mr. Mueller please be quick and complete with your investigation for the good of the country. Donald Trump is trying to do some good things. He is a flawed President but when I look at history I have trouble finding one who was not.  In President Trump’s case he is about business and getting things done. It is my view we need him and he is the right guy for the right time. He may in fact be our last good hope for a prosperous and secure future for our country.


Michael Hawke