The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

San Diego Lilac Fire: This fire started around 11AM and by 11PM it had burned over 4100 acres, destroyed over 100 structures, many of them homes, and is still only 15% contained this morning. More Santa Ana winds hitting today…we are praying it does not explode toward 5000 homes in it’s path.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum: Congressmen Bernie Thomson and John Lewis, along with NAACP President Derrick Thompson skipped the opening ceremony of this historic museum because they essentially called President Trump a racist. Their race bating at such an important moment was typical of the NAACP as an organization. I might state the NAACP does not represent the majority of Americans of all races and ethnic groups. One question….had President Trump not attended this important ceremony what would they be saying? They would be calling him a racist for ignoring this Museum opening.

The National Parks…the rest of the story: The reduction in size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national parks has stirred the protests of many environmental supporters, including Patagonia and REI. Interior Secretary Ryan Zink stated that Bears Ears is still larger than Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks combined! Grand Staircase still retains about 1 million acres (about 1500 square miles) which is still very large.

President Obama Created Bears Ears:  The stories on President Trump’s reduction of lands leave out a little information claiming, “this is the largest elimination of protected land in American history”. What they fail to say in their articles is that President Obama just created the National Monument at Bears Ears, and in so doing designated an enormous 1.35 million acres of Southeast Utah to be protected park lands. So what President Trump did was simply reduce, to a reasonable size, the extreme number of acres set aside by President Obama.  President Trump supported the creation of this national monument by President Obama but he listened to the people of Utah in his reducing the size of these two parks.

Two Thirds of Utah Owned By Federal Government: The move was supported by the majority of the people of Utah. Senator Oran Hatch said the areas protected were unnecessarily vast, limiting the potential for economic growth, and increasing the control of state lands by the Federal Government. Two thirds of the land in Utah is already owned by the Federal Government!












The NFL Today…….by, Michael Hawke

NFL: The NFL has claimed they are only down a small amount in fan attendance at games. They brush over the more telling sinking TV numbers. Flags, flags, flags….there are so many flags flying on so many plays that long passes are not thrown for the catch, but rather to draw the flag. Boring…did I say boring?

Roger Goodell Lottery Win: He just got a 5 year contract for over $3million a year plus incentives that include expenses, and the use of a company jet….could total over $50 million dollars a year. Not bad for a guy who sided with the knee takers early on when he could have been decisive and prevented this mess. Like I said, lucky dude.

Tim Tebow: Speaking of “knee takers”…I could think of more than six NFL teams that would benefit by having his toughness and winning attitude behind center. Can he throw better than most? Nope, but look at those taking snaps today…not much better, and they are losers. Tebow is a proven winner, and winning is the only stat that really matters. Did I say Tebow would help sinking ratings?  If I were the Cleveland Browns I would sign Tim Tebow in the off season as a back up. The guy will fill the stands home and away. I bet he stands for the National Anthem too.

Dumb…End Zone Skits: The end zone skits are ridiculous. If the NFL thinks this will encourage people to watch, holy smokes….what are they smoking? These things are high school level at best, more like Junior High level to be fair. These are attempts by Roger Goodell to be consistent about allowing knee takers during the anthem. How can he say that is their “free speech rights” and then say no end zone celebrations. And for this he gets $50 million a year. Jerry was right!


The Daily Mix…….by, Michael Hawke

Mexico’s HOMEX Scandal: Greed can be defined by the HOMEX homes for millions of working class Mexicans project. The program began in 2001 and by 2017 it has achieved the creation not of solid middle class communities, but rather over 1 million decrepit, hazardous, and worthless homes in new slum communities. The story can be found in / LA Times Richard Marosi HOMEX /, you won’t believe what you read!

The Tax Cut: The Republicans and President Trump passed the Tax Bill! “Hallelujah”…or “Oh No”… depending on your political point of view and or which Fake News channel you are influenced by. Listen to CNN and you will end up believing the millionaires have been rewarded at the expense of the working man or woman. Listen to Fox and you will think Robin Hood scored one for the people of Sherwood Forest.

The tax cut will be good for us, but there is a catch. Will the economy boom to the point where it begins to pay down the debt or will it stagnate and see the debt increase faster and faster? Time will tell, but I have to say it is well worth the gamble. Looking at the positives in American business and the stock market this past year I believe this bill will pay dividends in the form of bigger paychecks for working Americans.

The Vietnam War Film: There is much to criticize in the Ken Burns PBS Vietnam War series. In one of the later chapters of the documentary film the following statement was made regarding civilian casualties;

“The killing of innocent civilians happens in every war. In Vietnam it was not routine, but it was not an aberration either”. The civilian casualty count for the Vietnam War is not black and white. The Vietnam War is officially listed as being from 1955-1975. The American participation was from 1960-1975. Estimated Civilian Deaths are broken up by those in the South and those in North. The deaths are not listed as by which side, but just total war deaths.

Vietnam Civilian Casualties: 1955-1975 / South Vietnam Civilian Deaths: Between 195,000-430,000. There is debate over the exact amount because the Vietcong in the South dressed as civilians and blended in with civilian communities. North Vietnam Civilian Deaths: Listed as 60,000.

World War II Civilian Casualties: 1939-1945 / Civilian Deaths: Between 32,246,500 and 49,532,200 million deaths. The deaths are not listed by which side, just total deaths.

These numbers for both wars are estimates and do not include the later collateral deaths from things like displacement, starvation, sickness, and disease. These magnified the WWII civilian war deaths by more than double pushing them up near 85 to 90 million civilians!

Tiger’s Back: After watching Tiger Woods performance in this weekends Hero Challenge it is safe to say “Tiger and his back….are back“! He played very well except for on Saturday but still managed to finish tied for 9th place. More importantly though he played well, swung well, and was competitive. Way to go Tiger!



The Real 2016 Presidential Election Numbers……, Michael Hawke

Election 2016 Real Numbers: Hillary Clinton still thinks she should have won the election even though as a seasoned politician, a lawyer, and former First Lady she clearly knows how the electoral college works. Every single Presidential Campaign since the 1900s has focused on getting the most electoral college votes in order to win. The system was set up by the founding fathers for good reasons. The truth is President Trump won because he had a better, smarter, and more flexible campaign team.

Moot Point: Hillary is still spouting and pouting on the interview shows about getting 2 million more popular votes than Donald Trump got. The President also continues to dispute this number claiming, that due to the illegal voter fraud, he likely beat her in the popular votes as well. Well, as they say in the legal profession Hillary….”it is a moot point”.

The Real Reason Hillary Lost: The real reason Hillary lost is that she was not popular. In fact her likability numbers were in the toilet, especially when you think about her potentially being the first Woman President. She wrongly assumed women would push her over the top just because she was a woman. Turns out women are people and voters first, and they just did not like or trust Hillary Clinton. Additionally, Hillary’s campaign staff were drinking “the Kool-Aid”, believing the liberal press accounts that kept declaring her a winner in a landslide months prior, and right up to, election night. She basically took what should have been an easy win and turned it into a loss.

The Real Numbers That Matter: There were over 231 million eligible voters on election night 2016. The actual number who voted was 138,884,643. That is about 58% of all eligible voters. So for Hillary to claim she was some how snookered is crying over the wrong spilt milk. It is evident that a whole lot of democrats stayed home that night. In fact 40% of all eligible voters bowed out. So to Hillary I simply say get over it. You lost on about four different levels and your measly 2 million popular vote lead, if in fact real, was so pathetically close you should be embarrassed to bring it up.

You had the game won…and you blew it.



The Marshawn Lynch Mexico Stadium Protest….by, Michael Hawke

Forbidden Pictures…in the NFL: North Korea censors pictures and stories of the terrible living conditions their people suffer under. This is just what we see in the pre-game NFL sports shows by the talking-heads. These guys are going out of their way to make sure images of positive support to the anthem, the military, and the flag are seen by viewers….but you will not see a picture of Marshawn Lynch sitting during the Anthem in the Mexico City game. The NFL does not want to discuss it, show it, and no longer defends it. They just won’t stop it.

Mexico: The temptation is to call this guy an uneducated idiot, but I will be more clear. Generalizations never help one understand problems. And this is a problem worth understanding…..and fixing. Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders running back, sat down for the American National Anthem during the game against the Patriots in Azteca stadium (Estadio Azteca) and he stood up, giving full respect, during the Mexican National Anthem. If Marshawn was sitting to protest police abuse, racism, and overall injustice in America he sure should have stayed on his spoiled butt during the Mexican Anthem too. Justice is not to be found in Mexico for the poor, indigenous, and minorities. If he really believes things are bad in America….then he needs to factor 100 times worse in Mexico. Lets not even talk about their murder rate, kidnappings, and disappearances.

The Truth About Marshawn: His sitting for the American National Anthem and then standing for the Mexican Anthem outed him. He is not sitting for justice and fairness. He is sitting for himself. He seeks attention, pampering, and special privilege. If only there were just one NFL owner who had the kahoonas to say….enough. I frankly do not see the need for even average size kahoonas here.  If one owns the team it is easy, knowing the business reality that Marshawn Lynch is replaceable…. as is every other NFL player in the league. Simple deal Mr. NFL owner, make him stop it. You certainly know there are  hundreds who can run, pass, kick, block and tackle that would step in and do the job. The fans would be just as happy, and the team would have less “distraction”. Might be good for winning, eh?  Why suffer fools if it is an owners market.  Is it so hard to sit these guys down? Personally the words “you’re fired” would be what I would do. By the way….. it is really bad for your business.

The Message to Kids: The young people today are growing up in a world where there is great confusion. They do not know the rules anymore about anything. Sports has always been a place where there are rules, predictability, and structure. The kids are equal and can be sure hard work, dedication, and skill will get one ahead. Today we now are witnessing kids in high school kneeling during the National Anthem, modeling their heroes, knuckle-heads like Marshawn Lynch. I think it would be nice if the NFL owners would begin to act like the adults in the room and give young kids the security of knowing that there are rules in football, just as in life, and if you break them you sit….. consequences…. you know?  No need to fire these prima donnas. Sit them down, make them warm the bench….and next year do not bring them back.

Freedom to Protest: Marshawn Lynch can protest injustices, racism, police abuses, or anything he chooses all day long in America. He has the right to do this and he does have the platform. It is perfectly clear he can hold a weekly press conference and discuss his concerns and the media would be present in droves. So why sit during the National Anthem? Is it to send a message to fans, young and old, how unjust our country is? Is it to show how much courage you have by standing up to the NFL, the owners,….why even to the President of the United States? Is it because the third stanza of the song, which is not part of present Anthem today, somehow promotes racism?

I Quit the NFL: I used to be a fan of yours Marshawn, and of the NFL. Now I am neither; players like you taking knees, sitting, and linking arms in disrespect did it for me. I watch college ball on Saturdays and my Sundays are free. I kind of have always loved my football as an form of “entertainment”. If I want politics I watch CNN, FOX, or the networks. Thanks for the memories.


Leadership And The Sex Scandals……by, Michael Hawke

Promotion to General: A colleague of mine told of his first day after being promoted to Brigadier General (1 star). All of the new General Officers were gathered for their orientation into the elite club called General Officers. The Chief of Staff of the Army entered the room and after the customary respect of coming to attention and then being seated was completed he spoke to them.

You are Replaceable: The Chief of Staff asked them to look around the room at all of their fellow Generals. He then told them; Generals, if a bomb landed on this room and we were all killed instantly the Army would not even miss a beat. He told them they were chosen among many others who were equally qualified and ready to assume the rank of General Officer. In the Army culture everyone is replaceable. Could the Army work any other way? They all knew and understood they were appointed to serve and to lead, and to do so selflessly. Should they be unable to do this they would be expected to resign and if they did not resign they would be replaced. Simple concept…”be good and do good”.

Election to Congress: Like you I have a mix of feelings as I watch the news reports on the growing number of sexual abuses being levied toward some of our political leaders. I realize to make comparisons between military and political cultures is, by the it’s very nature, contradictory. There is, however, some common ground on the fundamental basics of leadership.  After all, our Congresspersons and Senators are elected to be leaders, first and foremost.

You are Replaceable: I refuse to join sides in the battle over who has the most abusers, the Republicans or the Democrats. The numbers could grow to an absurd level….. should the flood gates open. The Press misses the point, as usual, and are asking the wrong questions because they have their own political agendas. The message to all of our political leaders should be the same one the Chief of Staff of the Army gives to the new class of General Officers. “You are replaceable”. If you cannot lead get out of the way or we will take you out of the way….there are so many equally ready and qualified who can step up and get the job done. You are elected to lead, to do the peoples business, to legislate, and help our country to grow and prosper, to represent those who trusted you with their vote to send you to Washington as their representatives. Such a great honor, such a great responsibility!

There is No Shortage:  To all our political leaders I would simply ask that if your whole time is spent, or if elected, will be spent, defending accusations due to questionable or even clear cut egregious sexual behaviors you should drop from the race, and or resign your seat. You are replaceable, you are not the only citizen who can do the important work of legislating. There are many equally qualified and ready. Republican or Democrat it is the same thing, get out of the way. To do anything else is to put yourself first, and that is the very opposite of selfless leadership. Simple concept….“be good and do good”.

The Daily Mix………, Michael Hawke

Who is Michael Hawke: He has been called ” the most interesting writer in America”….also, ” the most objective writer in America…always seeking truth where mostly confusion and lies grow like weeds in the political soil of America”. 

Russian Interventions:  The cry “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” is no longer ignored. In fact it is pretty much agreed they came…. and they are here to stay. The Russians did attempt to intervene in the Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The problem is, they had no favorites. The were like and investor playing the wins and the losses….they were going to come out ahead either way.

Their strategy was never to pick the winner, but rather create chaos. Their long term goal is to destroy our open and free political system from within. I do say…. their disinformation campaign was a rolling success as evidenced by our politicians being unable to realize what really happened here. The Democrats and Republicans are unable to agree on any important legislation. They have convinced themselves their main purpose is to find out who tried to cheat whom, and was there a crime involved in the process. They seem most satisfied holding hearing after hearing after hearing….. investigating the Russian connection. Meanwhile, no one is running the country.

Louis L’Amour: “The Education of a Wandering Man”  is part memoir, part reflection, which is his legacy on a life lived to the fullest through his never ending quest for knowledge. When I look at autobiographies too often they are simply written not to tell the whole story of the man or woman, but rather to tell a story that puts them in the best light possible, often at the expense of facts and truth.  I could name some titles you would immediately recognize and say ….oh yeah, so true.  I hold my pen.

This book is way different, it is an adventure of the life of one of the most prolific writers of all time and also one of the world’s all-time best selling authors. There are more than 200 million copies in print of his eighty-six novels, sixteen short story collections, and three works of nonfiction. The book is a must read if you consider yourself to be in the company of the well read man or woman.

Speaking of Books: ….Did you book….your holiday flights yet? The time is now. I, myself, am as negligent as the worst of you. As I finish this “Daily Mix” I will be clicking my mouse right over to the airlines page….hoping for a deal. My favorite airline? The ones with the most leg room in coach. Last time I flew, a few months back, I was in pain the whole flight. They no longer can call what you sit on a seat…it is a bench.

I had far more comfortable flying trips on the C-17s the C-130s and, dare I say it…yes the truth be told…. even the military helicopters, which are horribly uncomfortable, bested the current state of comfort of todays airline flying.





The Daily Mix……, Michael Hawke

Health Care and Car Dealerships: Scripps Hospitals announced a mega billion dollar construction program here in San Diego. Just like car dealerships who tear down their buildings and put new ones up every five years things are tough. Ever have a car salesman say “we are not making any money on this deal…you are getting it at cost” ? Seems like hospitals, drug companies, HMOs and everyone connected to Obama Care, except the patients….are doing great. Go figure…..

Trumps Favorability Numbers Are Just Fine: When you really look at the massive amount of daily negative stories written, spoken, and repeated in almost every media source it is a wonder his numbers are as high as they are. I guarantee you if anyone wrote this kind of negative, disparaging lies about the average person they would lose their job, family, and friends.

No, this attack is more than “fake news” against President Trump…it is propaganda that is slowly manipulating the American population. This attack is much bigger than an attempt to hurt the President….it is about moving the masses ever closer to cliff of total socialism…. which will be the end of our freedom, prosperity, and nation.

NFL Owners and Commissioner in Denial: Big time denial in the offices of the NFL as well as the locker rooms. The sport is soon to be on life support. Million dollar players who think fans come to games to see them protest are soon to find their salaries shrink right along with the fan base. Good going…you knee takers are idiots….but not as dumb as the owners.  I guess you never know what you have until you lose it. Go figure……

San Diego VA Hospital Tows Veteran’s Cars: Hard to believe the VA could do anything more to lower their public image but they apparently found a way in San Diego. They are building a parking garage and in the mean time the place is the parking lot from hell. Frustrated by patients parking in reserved spaces in order to make appointments the VA cops decided to “double down” on these law breakers.

One veteran said he waited 7 weeks for an appointment and when he arrived at the hospital 45 minutes early he could not find parking. He had a broken leg and was on crutches so parked in a reserve space, one of nine open spaces. He was shocked to come out and learn his car was being towed. Three days before Veterans Day! ” Thanks for your service….now pay up.  The VA has great doctors and medical teams but their administrators are idiots. Go figure….

Marine Corps Times Cover Story:  This paper’s cover story reads, “What the Troops Think of Trump”. That is a fine headline for a civilian paper but for a paper that is primarily distributed to, and read by, the troops, I find it pretty telling.

President Trump is the “Commander in Chief” of our military. He should always be referred to a “President Trump” not “Trump”.  The degrading of military culture and customs is a dangerous thing and should not be accepted. Go figure…..


NFL Mexico City Game-Big Dilemma For Knee Takers….. by, Michael Hawke

The NFL scheduled three regular season games outside of the United States this season. Two of the three games are in the books, both having been played in London, the third is coming November 19, in Mexico City. The NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell see these international, regular season, games as a way to promote and grow international fans and increase revenues.

Ironically the NFL is seeing their US fan base decrease in larger percentages each week due to the many NFL players taking a knee during our National Anthem. The players claim they are protesting against social and racial injustice toward minorities by police and others.

Many NFL fans are patriotic and watch NFL football to get away from the stresses of real life and the weekly grind of work. Fans watch to relax, enjoy, be entertained, and to feel the competition of the game while rooting for their team to win.  No fan wants to sit down on Sunday watching their team play knowing half or more of the players on the field started the game by disrespecting the National Anthem.

This creates “serious angst” for many fans and is causing them do something else….as shown by the growing numbers just tuning out the NFL. For the average fan it is hard to keep watching million dollar athletes disrespect the flag every week when they are grindiing it out paycheck to paycheck, knowing, in their work place, there is no knee taking allowed…. none, nada, zip!

So….”the NFL is not the only game in town”.

The obvious question is why these knee takers feel their protests must happen during the National Anthem. These are million dollar athletes! They can have a platform with microphones, cameras, and the media hanging on their every word, any time or place they choose. They could be making  a “positive impact” on these social issues.

Instead, they choose to disrespect our nation, our military men and women, our veterans, our anthem, our flag, and all those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms by kneeling during our National Anthem.  Not only do they disrespect….. they send a very wrong message to youth, to fans, and to other nations, that America is so bad, so unjust, and so racist that they must protest during their own National Anthem.

Rocky Bleir, former Vietnam wounded war hero, seven season Pittsburg Steeler half back, four time Super Bowl champion, put it best; this is a mess created by Roger Goodell and the owners. It is not about free speech in the work place. The players are harming the profitability of their company, the NFL.  No worker could do the same thing at their place of work and not lose his or her job.

The London, England Games:

  • Wembley Stadium, London England; September 23, 2017
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 44 – Baltimore Ravens 7
  • Knee Takers: National Anthem- 2 dozen / British Anthem “God Save the Queen” – 0
  • Wembley Stadium, London England; October 1, 2017
  • New Orleans Saints 20 – Miami Dolphins 0
  • Knee Takers: During our Anthem aprox. 5 / British Anthem “God Save the Queen”- 0 note: the entire Saints team stood and locked arms for unity prior to our anthem.

The Mexico City Game-The Perfect Storm: The Mexico City NFL game in Azteca Stadium between the Raiders and the Patriots should pose a problem for the players who claim to be taking a knee to promote social and racial justice in America where, by their view, things are pretty bad.

There could be no two teams more suited for the “perfect knee taking storm” than the Raiders and the Patriots. There is no doubt the knee takers will see it as an opportunity to “put it in the faces” of the anthem supporters, President Trump, patriotic Americans, by taking a knee of disrespect during our National Anthem…..and then…. standing during the “Himno Nacional Mexicano” (the Mexican National Anthem), as a show of their respect for Mexico and the Mexican people.

Their Big Dilema: There is no better place to show protest toward political corruption, social prejudice, racism, and police abuse than in Mexico City.  Mexico is a two tiered society made up of the rich and poor. There is however a hidden third class, the indigenous peoples, who have suffered open prejudice, abuse, and political exclusion since Mexico’s independence from Spain. Today the indigenous peoples of Mexico live in abject poverty.  State racism condemns the indigenous people of Mexico to prison and poverty.

“Discrimination and racism permeate the state, institutions, and society when native peoples are perceived as needy, lazy, lacking, and impotent. Stereotypes continue to exclude indigenous people from developing policy to address their rights”. Laticia Aparacio Sorrono, Octobre 27, 2015

To NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the owners, and the knee takers: Here is your veracity test. Are you really all about “free speech” and the courage to say and do what is needed to bring attention to social and political wrongs?

Compared to the problems in our country these things are a thousand times worse in Mexico. Do you believe knee taking during a National Anthem is the best way to draw attention to these social evils?  If so, I challenge you to take a knee during the playing of “Himno Nacional Mexicano.  Show the same disrespect toward the national pride of the people of Mexico as you do toward that of your own fellow citizens and fans back home.

Michael Hawke




The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke


Tom Steyer: Most people have never heard of him….. He is running “Impeach Trump” adds on TV. The adds cost in the 7 figure a minute range. He claims they are not funded by Nextgen, but rather being paid from personal funds. By his own claims he is spending $10million dollars to promote the impeachment of the President. His bio claims he is an environmentalist, progressive activist, hedge fund manager, and fundraiser….oh, also a philanthropist. Seems like that $10,000,000 could have done a lot for the homeless problem here in California…doubt it will do much to impeach President Trump.

Rocky Belier: Most people have never heard of him….. He is an American hero having volunteered for the Vietnam war. He was an high NFL prospect and went to serve, foregoing the NFL. In Vietnam he had his foot nearly blown off and it was doubtful he would ever play football and maybe even walk again. He is a gritty blue collar guy form the Midwest. He went on not to just walk, but to play halfback seven season for the Pittsburg Steelers.

His recent take on the NFL knee takers crisis: He said it should have been nipped in the bud by Roger Goodell. It is not about free speech. Nothing any of us do at work gives us the right to upset the company rules for our own personal issues. If he were NFL Commissioner it would be stopped. These guys are being paid to play football, it is a business, they are employees. If their actions damage our product they do not stay with the company. He also pointed out the obvious, like these guys cannot make their point in a thousand other ways and places and not like none of these NFL knee takers are irreplaceable. I hope he replaces Roger Goodell.

Ken Burns: Many people have heard of him…. He is an American documentary film maker, the creator of the recent Vietnam War history that ran on TV a few weeks back. It was a docu-series about the history, “according to Burns”, of the Vietnam War.

If you are a left leaning person or a college student you ate it up. Many scenes, quotes, and interviews were either incomplete or lacking truth altogether. It made for good TV though, and also good political brain washing. Too bad Rocky Bleier was not interviewed, or many of the thousands who actually fought in the war. I keep waiting for….”The Real Historical Documentary of the Vietnam War”. I know it is coming.

Dominus Vobiscum: Latin invocation to St. Michael the Archangel for protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. We sure do need this prayer in our personal lives as well as for our nation.